Sunday, December 10, 2017

Week 50 - I apologize for this lame-o email

Hey y'all! 
So I am incredibly sorry, but today's email is going to be pretty lame. Our district is supposed to film a video for Christmas and we all procrastinated, so we're doing it all today. I will write more about this week next week because literally this week was one of the best in my mission thus far, so I'd hate to deprive you of hearing about it.
We took some dope pictures though, I will be sending those on down.
A couple of updates:
🌽D & P got baptized. I'll write more about that next week, but long story short, it was one of the very best days of my entire life.
🌽we had stake conference & D & P drove us. It was just so happy.
🌽we made D a tie which he wore to the baptism. It has cats on it. We're smart:)
🌽I am now officially addicted to dried mangoes
🌽I've been asked to participate as a soloist in 3 separate Christmas numbers
🌽I'll be sending home a video of our new finding technique: Sister Pew dances like a dork in public. No investigators have rolled in yet, but we have got to have a couple really good conversations from it. Be yourselves, people.
🌽Sister M asked our district leader Elder P to marry her, and that was hilarious. 
🌽I had this really lovely aha moment where I realized that the Atonement works! So feeling guilty for the past is dumb and not productive! It was great!
I am currently possibly the happiest human on planet earth. I love the gospel! And being a missionary! It's a wonderful, wonderful experience. I think about if I never went on a mission and it makes me sad enough to cry. God just knows me so well! He is so wonderful. Trust him, seriously. It's the best thing to do.
I love y'all so much I can't even stand it! I'll see all y'all hoodlums I'm related to in 21 days:) #LIGHTTHEWORLD EVERYONE!
Don't let the muggles get you down! 
All my love, 
Sister Pew 

Ties made by Sister Pew


On the farm

Special Day

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Week 49- "Betty!...Hi!"

This week's subject line is brought to you by the Grinch. Which is really the only movie that Sister Larsen and I can remember and quote. It is a great film.
So I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seat, wondering if I made it through my week of "WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING". Well, clearly, I have survived. God is good. This week was really really awesome. LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT IT. AGGRESSIVELY. (just kidding. I just felt like doing that.)
So, MondayMonday was a pretty excellent p-day, actually. We went to the mall and got fabric to make Elder H a tie, we decorated Sister M's hospital room, we went to Papas & Beer (restaurant) again and it was SO GREAT, we found light up sweaters at Walmart, and we had dinner with the Hs. We also were able to teach D & P the Word of Wisdom (which they were NOT happy about, but they are converted, so they are willing to do what the Lord asks <3 literally they said that to us and it was fan-freaking-tastic. I love those two.) And we planned their interview and their baptism. So all in all, very positive.
Tuesday we had zone conference. EVERYONE, I WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS THING: My mission is really, really cool. It has been chosen as 1 of 12 missions to pilot new finding programs. So we talked about that a little bit. But we also talked about how missionaries are turning into door-to-door salesmen. Nobody wants to join a church full of robots who just say the same thing over and over. So they want us to bring our personalities into missionary work! If we are seen as distinct, different, HUMAN missionaries, people will connect with us and relate to us better. I'm about this new plan, y'all. I don't know if you've met me, but it's highly difficult for me to not be myself. Pretty exciting stuff. Also, as we were stuck in traffic on the way home from zone conference, we found out Sister M got out of the hospital, so we went to see her after we FINALLY made it out. And she was back to normal. 🤔 We're pretty sure she has nine lives. Maybe more. But she is still as silly and wonderful and weird as she was. They think her medication might have just made her loopy. *shrugs*
Wednesday we went to the soup kitchen. It was just us and Crazy J. Crazy J is like U a little bit. She looooooves the sister missionaries. Also, she is your standard southern lady. One day I'll film her talking and you'll love it. Later we had Golden Age, for the last time, because the elders hate it. :( Anyway, it was fun and stuff, and they all were very grateful to not be going back. And then! We had Book of Mormon class, which the elders did a great job teaching, even though it was P, D, us, them, and D and Brother S. But it was still a really good class, after which, we took a picture. ALSO, since coming on a mission, my dreams. Have been. So. Whack. I'm serious. They are so weird. On Tuesday night, I dreamed that my daughter was playing soccer against our zone leader, Elder E's daughter. My daughter was really not good at soccer and his kid was pretty great at it, and so after the game when I ran over with my daughter (and my husband, who was very good-looking and I had to give my subconscious a high-five for that one) to catch him and say hello he was like, "hah, my daughter is better than yours." And he was very sassy. Which was hilarious, because Elder E is sweeter than a thousand unicorn tears. I usually don't tell people when I dream about them, but I felt like Elder E would appreciate that, so we told him. And he did.
Thanksgiving was pretty sweet. We spent the entire day at the Bs' house. They invited 2 nonmembers over named J and A. J looks like a Viking and is the nicest human being ever in the whole world. He would be a great member of the church! Also he is like 6'4'' and weighs like 300 lbs. We took a picture side-by-side and it was really funny. I made it up to his navel. Also, we got to help cook Thanksgiving dinner and that was pretty dope. I like cooking a lot. Also we got leftovers. And Sister B showed us her son's missionary letters. They are so. Funny. Like, they put me to shame. I now desire to have Monte-level hilarity in my letters. I doubt that'll ever happen. But I can try.
Friday I woke up at 4 in the morning and cried for 2 hours. I really, really could not tell you why that happened. But alas. It did. Perhaps the stress of all the last 2 weeks just needed to come out my eyeballs. At 4 AM. So it's no surprise that I had a pounding headache for the next 24 hours. But all was well, because we got to do some pretty awesome stuff! Like FAMILY HISTORY. Sister R, J's mom, is like, really, really good at family history, and in zone conference Sister Innes encouraged us to seek out the Spirit of Elijah and use it in our work. So we went to Sister R's house and she helped me find 2 ancestors of Granny Louw who need their temple work done!  WE FOUND THEM AND IT WAS AWESOME. She also was kind enough to give us 2 packets of additional information at church yesterday. And I am convinced. Family history work is awesome. So that was a cool thing. We also started our planning in the new format they gave us in zone conference and it rocked. We also had D & P baptismal interviews, which they both passed -- and even though both of them were planning on starting to live the Word of Wisdom as late as they possibly could to still get baptized, when they showed up they had been living it since we taught them on Monday. They are so precious! December 2nd couldn't come fast enough:) That was just a good experience all-around.
Saturday we had planned our day entirely, when Sister Larsen said, "Listen. I feel like we should change the plans for our whole day." And I had a billion logical answers for why that was not a good idea, but she was like, "nah, the Spirit is really telling me we need to redo it." So we did! (Grudgingly on my part.) So we made some cookies and delivered them to some members we love, and we also ended up accidentally getting 3 referrals from Brother K because he really likes to send us after all his friends. It was awesome, and he is awesome. Too bad I'm allergic to their house because cats. We also saw G on purpose and T on accident. It was a good time, we invited G out to church (again). He just keeps making excuses for why he doesn't come. Which are all lamewad excuses. But he's just afraid. He'll get there one day. T is doing pretty well, except he was a little tired. We found out he spent Thanksgiving with the YSA elders, and that was awesome. Basically he's a member. Love that kid. Then we went home and finished planning and FELT SO GOOD ABOUT IT. And that is the story of what happens when you listen to your greenie's spiritual promptings. I'm grateful she was willing to follow the Spirit even if it meant she had to disagree with me temporarily, and I'm proud of her courage to stand up to me. She is an awesome missionary!
Yesterday we went to church. D & P were there, along with A, a less active that the Bs have been working with. They invited us out to lunch after church so we could meet him. That was awesome. Sister B makes a mean clam chowder. And it was fun because A is a lifelong friend of the Bs and so he and A yukked it up about the shenanigans that were pulled back when they were younger. After that, we went to deliver a couple more things to some members and then tried to contact those referrals, but to no avail. We then had studies and then ward coordination. We got a lot done. Brother R got released from his other calling (he was still the YM president for a month in addition to being the ward mission leader for a month) and so he was SO PUMPED and is so on top of everything. It was great.
Everyone! I am so grateful for missionary work! And for being a full time missionary! The gospel is a gospel of joy and when we do what we are supposed to do we feel happy. I am grateful for the Savior who was willing to suffer for my sins. I am grateful for good friends who help me feel loved even when I'm a turd. I'm grateful for my cute companion, Sister Larsen, who is patient when I'm psycho and laughs when I don't know what I'm doing. I'm grateful for all my companions and the missionaries I've served around that have been such great examples of discipleship. I'm grateful for a good family who loves me (and emails me)! I'm grateful for God's goodness in my life. I'm so blessed.
Don't let the muggles get you down!
All my love,
Sister Pew

Someone loves eggnog

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Duckface at the soup kitchen

A volunteer at the soup kitchen

Christmas decorations arrived

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Week 48- Odd

This week. Y'all, do you ever have weeks that humble you? Weeks that make you feel like you've been stretched in every direction you can possibly be stretched? Do you ever wonder how you can manage to do everything you need to do? Because BEING A MISSIONARY IS OVERWHELMING. I will not lie, it has been a tough week for me. I think maybe before now I didn't realize how much I didn't know.
A main struggle we're having is that now that daylight savings has switched, it gets dark at literally 5:30. The hours that used to be prime proselyting time for us are now what we affectionately call "gun hours" because people pull guns on you when you knock at their door and it's dark. So we have no prime proselyting time anymore. None. Luckily, Sister Larsen is great, or I'd be literally ripping out all my hair.
Another struggle we have is that the past 3 investigators to be baptized in this ward are no longer active. We need to know how to retain our converts better, because this ward is about to have 2 more!!
Really, fam, I could use lots of prayers, lots of love, and anything you feel you could use to uplift me. It's been a rollercoaster. Let's just share *some* of the things that happened.
-Monday we got to play basketball, which was great. I also happened to make a backwards granny shot from half court. I wish we'd filmed our game of horse. It was skraight ridiculous. We taught D & P and committed them to pay tithing! Wahoo. Then we saw S, the very gentle sasquatch, and heart attacked the Ss.
-Tuesday we had DDM & a Tiwi meeting at the stake center. We got a Tiwi. 😑So now, our car yells at us if we go too fast. And they changed it from a man's voice to a woman's voice. I hate her. Then we tried to go see Sister M but she was not there. She had been taken to the hospital because she had pneumonia. (AND a bunch of other things. This woman should have been dead a long time ago. But nope! Still kicking.) So then we went to Golden Age with 2 of the Spanish elders. I will not tell you which ones. But there was one in particular who was dreadful. And he made me play for him so he could sing a solo. I ended up having to sing with him to keep him on pitch. Sister Larsen and I were dying. So was his companion. Not good. Then we had a fireside which D & P were able to attend. I sang Consider the Lilies. We didn't record it because we're the worst. But I did record other stuff! So I'll send that home. hehe. President spoke at this fireside. I like that guy.
-Wednesday we went to the soup kitchen, and we worked really hard trying to find people to teach. We taught S. Sister H took us to some lessons with a potential (wasn't home), L and L, and then to the church for Book of Mormon class. Which, as it turned out, evolved into a group therapy session for women who'd left abusive husbands. That night, we started fasting for the elders' investigators, la familia Hernandez de Mexico! They've been investigating since April, come every single week, and for some reason just won't get baptized. Pray for them please!
-Thursday was another day of working hard. We went and made casseroles (while fasting) for J & K for when they have their baby. We then went to MMA (after breaking our fast, thank goodness. Also, I'm getting really good at headstands. Watch out, world. Then, we went to see D, and had a very nice visit. We did some finding and some planning. It was great.
-Friday was where the waters started to get rougher. We went to the nursing home as per usual, that was pretty standard. Then we went to see Sister M in the hospital with Sister F. We found her convulsing, groaning, and unresponsive. She looked and sounded like she had had a bad stroke. She really didn't respond to anything we did until we sang "Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel". By some miracle she sang along at the chorus. It was really, really traumatic for me. So we got home to plan, and we tried to be focused, but we were just quiet and kept zoning out and stuff. It was terrible. I ended up getting a blessing from Brother S that night. (Brother S is always helping other people and is probably my role model for life.) It was a very, very inspired blessing.
-Saturday we had a meeting where we filled out new member records for everyone at the Rs. Then we had lunch with Brother J. Then we went and taught the As. Then we went back to the Rs and had ward coordination. Then we went home. And we slept. Badly.
-Sunday we experienced one of the most intense PECs ever. It wasn't bad! It was just intense. Plus, I was still extra not-alright. And everyone could tell. After church we did studies and tried to go see a couple less active members but to no avail. Then we went to the Rs...again...and did dinner with them. 
EVERYONE. I just want you to know that it's all okay. I might be just having a hard time right now, but I still love being a missionary and I know that God has a plan. I have a feeling some days as a wife and a mom will probably be something like this -- feeling overwhelmed, feeling like there's no way to push through it -- but you do, you always do, in the end. I know who's team I'm on. I am so, so done with taking the easy way out. I don't quit anymore. And Satan has no power over MY agency. He may be able to influence the way I feel, but he will never get in the way of what I want, which is to bring souls to Christ.
I've got this, folks. No worries. Everything is going to be alright. I know it!
Romans 8:28: And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
Don't let the muggles get you down! I know I won't!
All my love,
Sister Pew

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Week 47: I may not be a pearl but I was cast before swine

Morning, all!
So, this week was pretty crazy. And a little bit hard. Training a missionary is like being a mom a little bit, except my trainee is good enough that I forget she's been on a mission for literally a month. But, whatever -- here's what happened.
Monday: We found out Sister Larsen's grandfather passed away from cancer whilst we were running around the mall. That was no good. But then we went to Chick-fil-A which was VERY good. Thank the Lord for Chick-fil-A. Everyone, pray that they stay in business, because they are always so nice, their restaurant is always so clean, and they are closed upon the Holy Sabbath, so I'm pretty sure there's Chick-fil-A in heaven. Anyways, so then that night we went to see L. She has a big sore on her leg and she had us help her change the bandage. I nearly threw up and died. It was great. Sister Larsen got to talk to her family over the phone that night, and also President Innes. Keep her in your prayers!
TuesdayWe had DDM, it was pretty boss. Sister Larsen got a blessing from Elder H, Elder C's trainee. Also, do you think it's a coincidence that 3 of the 6 elders in our district have lost very close family members while on their missions? God is real. Also, we went to see Sister M and went to Golden Age with the elders. They are silly about it. I guilt tripped all of them so hardcore about going. It was probably not the greatest way to get them to go, but hey. If it works, it works. We also went to see this little girl who is an investigator,  S. She is pretty much like Gwen if Gwen was Asian and not a member of the church. So that was a party. Then we went home and made cookies, plus received a Skype call from President Innes because he was coming to our lesson with D & P on the morrow and wanted to have companionship study with us! How cool is that?
WednesdayWe went to the soup kitchen. I made the mistake of bringing my ukulele and playing it for the ladies there. They have executively decided that my kitchen days are done, and I will be singing and playing for the homeless people there from here on out. Oops. ;) Not that working in the kitchen ISN'T my favorite thing ever, but...hahahaha. I'm excited for next week! That afternoon we taught C over the phone and committed him to be baptized on January 6th! So that was number 4 person on date since I got here! We are so pumped about that. After that we drove over to the church and had a lesson with D & P & President & Sister Innes. It was the greatest lesson of all time. President Innes is a master teacher. He basically made the importance of THIS church very clear and the importance of the doctrines, the ordinances and the covenants. He took them to the baptismal font and into the chapel. We had a sacred experience there. President prayed for them in there, and the Spirit was like SO THERE. Wow, just it was the best. And then we had the most packed Book of Mormon class of all time! The Ss came, along with T and 2 friends T brought because he's the greatest, D & P, President & Sister Innes, a lady the zone leaders are reactivating, and the trusty zone leaders (who were teaching the lesson and showed up 20 minutes late, which made everyone (especially this senior companion who would probs have had to teach had they not showed up) verrrrrrry nervous). So long story short, that was a great night.
ThursdayAnother great day! We went to the farm on Thursday morning with the Rs. That was good, especially for poor homesick lil Sister Larsen who just really missed her farm. She was so excited. We opened crusty old food storage with hammers, poured it into barrels, and spread it across the goat & pig pastures. The goats followed me around basically the whole time because I am a Disney princess, that's why. Also, here's the best story of the week. We're feeding the pigs and stuff, and I was watching everyone else work because they stole all the barrels from me (this is what happens when you're small and weak. People think you can't lift. And they're right. But still). So anyway, I'm just standing there. And you've gotta understand, these pigs are HUGE. Like, they easily weigh 350-400 lbs. That's almost 4 of me, got it? Like, they are massive. And little did I know that the biggest one got really jealous of my shoes or something. So I'm just standing there minding my own business, when this loud snort behind me startles me, and the next thing I know the biggest pig in that pasture is laYING DOWN ON TOP OF ME HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. So this pig just straight destroyed me. Took me OUT. Luckily it only got my legs, I was kind of worried it was gonna roll all over me. But I landed in the mud. That was probably the funniest thing ever. Never have I been so flabbergasted in all my days. The best part was that Sister Larsen was standing right there and just absolutely lost it, and then also the fact that it like, snuck up on me from behind. It was literally hilarious. SO FUNNY. Ah, I'm dying. We then did service for Sister R, and then we had a passoff lesson with T and the YSA elders. They did a great job. T cried. It was awesome.
Fridaywe mostly just weekly planned, but we also had an appointment with the chiropractor, Sister Larsen's first time. It was kind of a hard day for both of us. The funeral for Sister Larsen's grandpa was that day. That night we went to see some people, but I forgot who. We also went out with Sister F finally because she's back in town! I love that lady. She is so cute. We went to see a less active named C. She is very nice and invited us back next Sunday.
SaturdaySaturday was tough for me! I felt sort of ill and spiritually off. The devil works extra hard on you when you're doing your best. I just felt like I was basically a sucky missionary. But all is well now! Anyways, we went and did some knocking, which was highly unsuccessful, and then ended up going to see S and G. S is doing MUCH better after her blessing, which means her faith ought to be strengthened. Plus she just had a baby and usually people are more spiritually open after that stuff. Like, she wants to come to church. And she told us it was all because of us - which is not true (because Spirit) but still nice. Yeah, that warmed my little heart. It was great. ALSO SIDE NOTE - Sister Larsen is one of my only companions who has seen Three Amigos. So you can guess what has been going on around here. "IT'S A SWEATER!" Ah, the joy.
SundaySister Larsen had to speak in church so I got to sit up on the stand and do nothing. It was great. I got to make weird eye contact with the whole Inman ward. 10/10. D & P came and were actually excited to tell people about the baptism, which is huge. Also, we had a killer Ward Coord where Brother R made some plans to advance the work because he is the GOAT. Then we went to see J & K and they taught me more than we taught them. J told me that I need to let go of my fear of being hurt! So...there we go.
This week has taught me that my mission has changed me. I may not know what I'm doing, I may not even do missionary work very well, but I have been changed by my experiences here. I am not the same. And it is Because of Him *cue epic music from that video, everyone go watch the Because of Him video RN BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST*
Don't let the muggles get you down!
All my love,
Sister Pew

Sister Larsen at Chik-Fil-A

Omarito the cow

Chino the Praying Mantis

Sister Pew and a persimmon, she liked it

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Week 46 - "Straight outta the Utah womb"

Dear everyone,
Wow, this week has proved to me more than ever that I legit have no idea what I'm doing. In a fun way, I guess. Sort of like not knowing where you are in Disneyland. It's pretty great. It was a little bit of a blur and I have kept very limited records of the whole thing because I'm apostate, but let's see what I can remember. (Side note - writing a weekly email like this is lowkey like giving myself a pop quiz. Some weeks I nail it. Some weeks I get a skraight F. It's whatever.)
Monday! Ha, what a day. I love P-day. Mainly we cleaned the house, Sister Graves packed and tried to sleep, and I made a big poster for my lil one. That night we went to the Ws for family home evening and had a little hymn singalong. We also visited with the Bs even though I was DYING OF ALLERGIES. Sister B made us some tea and gave me a warm blanket. Also, they have a cat...but it's a feral cat. It has a pelt instead of a fur coat. So, not allergic.
Since Tuesday was Sister Graves' last day here, we mainly tried to get things ready and go see some members that Sister Graves wanted to visit with. We saw Sister M. We also had a lesson with D & P, and we brought D and his mother with us. Dis just home from his mission in Brazil. So he literally just taught the whole lesson. #blessed AAAAAAAND then we got shut in at 8 because it was Halloween. So Sister Graves packed. ooooh also we decided to be our favorite super heroes for Halloween. We only trick or treated one place (Dr. B's office) because we figured we shouldn't spend too much time in our costumes because we're representatives of Jesus Christ. But we couldn't not. It was incredible. 
Wednesday was the day of transfers. We drove to Greenville and dropped Sister Graves off in her new area (hooray hoorah, she stayed in the zone so I'll see her literally all the time) and then drove the other Greenville sister and I down to transfers. In the transfer meeting were ALL SORTS of missionaries I know, including Elder W from Charleston Zone, Elder O who came out with me, Elder D in my zone, Elder D from my very first district ever, AND ELDER G THE LITTLE LIGHTWEIGHT. I was one of 3 sisters training. It was weird. I was like, the oldest missionary in the room. *Nervous laughter* Aaaaaand the meeting was long. But good! But long. My knee was bouncing by the end there, I was so ready to just go. Also, *drumroll please* SISTER LARSEN IS MY NEW COMPANION!!!! She is from a little town outside St. George called Veyo. . It's amazing. I am a big fan of her. She's pretty much pretrained so I don't have to do a whole lot. So Sister R was driving us home and we stopped for pizza #blessSisterR and then Sister Larsen and I figured out some life stuff and went to meet up with this guy we met through His name is C and he is epileptic and has severe social anxiety. He needed a large print Book of Mormon so he could read it because he really liked the stuff he'd researched about the Mormon beliefs. He's been texting us ever since and wants to get baptized. Woot. Greenies produce miracles, I think. Sister Larsen is fun because she doesn't have the attitude that a lot of missionaries get after awhile if they're not careful -- the "this is really hard and the work is really slow" attitude. So because of her faith life sped up times a billion. Which is fine by me! That night we had Book of Mormon class, and I taught it and it was on the Isaiah chapters in 1st Nephi. It was hard, especially because I forgot my notes. But good thing D was there so he could basically do it for me! And D and P came. So that was awesome. ALSO, BEST THING EVER: Brother W was there for scouts and he took us outside before class started and gave me a ukulele that he bought for me. It's yellow and it has a dragon on it. Pictures will be included.
Thursday we tried to figure out Sister Larsen's area book stuff on her tablet at the church and it was being dumb. Also we ran into the elders. Not sure what they were doing there. But they were definitely not in proselyting clothes. *suspicious face* Also, while we were there I received an email that my sister in law was giving birth. So we changed and went to MMA in a state of MANY EXCITEMENTS. At MMA, Elder P taught me how to make my abs super buff. Sister Larsen bruised my arm up real good. And I took her out. So she can tell everyone that her trainer beat her up her first day. HAHAHAHAHA I'm the worst. That night we met this guy named J whose home situation is really weird. He explained it all like we knew everyone involved. Which we didn't. At all. That's a very southern thing to do, and when I was explaining that to Sister Larsen, she was like, "Oh good! Because that didn't make any sense to me. Here I am, straight outta the Utah womb" and that was really funny to me. I don't know. The word womb makes me uncomfortable. That whole rest of the day is a blur because that night I got a load of pictures of my nephew, Adrian. He was a pretty ugly little guy when he first came out, but he's become cuter as the days go on, and now he's adorable. I like him!!!! (I liked him even when he was an ugly squished little alien baby.) I am excited to hold him!!! I wore my team baby pew shirt that night. Because I wanted him to know that I'm on the team.
Friday we did weekly planning. Part way through, G's girlfriend S who is not a member and who just gave birth on Halloween texted us on G's phone and was like "y'all I do not even know what is happening help I need you" and she NEVER opens up to us, so that was huuuuuuuuge. She asked us to come over and we said we would. Brother S had planned to come out with us anyway. And, he and I planned a harmless little joke on Sister Larsen. I'm SO PROUD of myself for not busting up. And Sister Larsen was pretty normal about it and then was like "OH MY GOSH!" And it was hilarious. Sister Larsen was a great sport. And wasn't offended and also thought it was hilarious. So that's good. God bless my chill companion. And so then we went to see S and G and T. Brother S gave S a blessing because she was going through a lot of hard things on top of having a baby and having no family nearby to help. We taught G and T the Plan of Salvation and invited T to be baptized December 9th. He said he has always wanted to be baptized, but no one ever asked him! So that was exciting. We are scheduling a lesson with the YSA elders for next week.
Saturday we saw J our Messianic Jew friend. And we dropped him because he totally is not interested and mainly just wanted to talk to us about how Eve was totally seduced by Satan. *facepalm* but I was SO PROUD of Sister Larsen. Because in the midst of all his confusion, all his debates and fact spewing, Sister Larsen just bore simple, pure testimony to him. She did so great! She is teaching me every day. We also did our first door knocking and went to see G.
Yesterday was boss. D, P and T all came to church and we had our first ward correlation meeting with our actual ward mission leader Brother R. He is the best! Also, we got to have dinner with  the M family and they are so cute and also make dang good Mexican food. I don't know why I like Mexican food now but it's okay.
Life is crazy and good. I became a mom and an aunt this week!
I know that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can overcome our weaknesses and thus be made clean and pure.
Love y'all!
Don't let the muggles get you down!
All my love,
Sister Pew

Dressed up on Halloween as their favorite super heroes!

Ukulele a member gave her and her team baby Pew t-shirt

no bake cookies

New companion, Sister Larsen

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Week 45 - Our baptism goal this week is 8000

Hi y'all!
This has been another crazy week. I don't know if it's me or South Carolina (or both) but I feel like I say that every week.
This transfer is coming to a close and I am feeling a bajillion emotions right now. But I'm going to make you wait until later to find out why this is going to be a psycho transfer coming up.
Monday we went to Columbia to get ourselves...a new car. This is number 2 for me on my mission. Yes, it is verrrrrrrrrrry nice. It's another 2017 Malibu. It's light silvery blue. We also have beautiful rims. They are chrome. It's a beautiful vehicle. And then we went to see the Ws and talked to them about how they can share the gospel with their friends. Tonight we're going back so we can teach their neighbor! So I guess it worked. Thanks, Spirit.
Tuesday was our last DDM as a district and the elders were all salty about our rims. They're really jealous that the sister missionaries are driving "a nicer car than them" even though it is THE EXACT SAME MAKE AND MODEL just a different color with different rims. 🤔We then went to practice at Sister S's house for a special musical number with the YSA elders (one of which is Spencer from the Elder Bednar Face2Face, I think I mentioned that last time.) We were planning on singing Where Can I Turn For Peace...but then Elder T is now being transferred to be a district leader somewhere because he's awesome, so looks like I'm on my own. *insert displeased face here* Then we went to see Sister M and went to sing at a rest home. That night we saw P & D again and it was great! We put them on date for December 2nd. Y'all need to be praying for them, though. P still has a lot of questions, but she is leaning toward being joined with the saints. We just need her to gain a firmer testimony in the Book of Mormon. D's basically in the font already. But anyway, just a really good day overall.
Wednesday we went to the soup kitchen. We had a good time and were able to sing for the ladies there. (They're all Baptist  so we sang How Great Thou Art.) They enjoyed it a lot and even had us sing for their pastor! He now wants us to sing for his church. I'm thinking they should ALL just skip their church one day and come hear us sing at our church. Because their church is missing the pieces. Y'know. That night we had Book of Mormon class, which was sad because the zone leaders were on exchanges with the Greenville 2nd elders so Elder E was gone. I am a huge fan of Elder E. But the good thing was I got to meet Elder B! I have heard a lot about him from a companion I had. He was her zone leader and served in her ward with her a while back. She said he was awesome and he really was pretty sharp. He and Elder B did a great job teaching the class (even though we only had 2 attendees and they were both members).
Thursday we went over to see L in the morning to help her prepare for a doctor's appointment. We also were able to talk to our friend M, owner of the really good Mexican restaurant, on the phone for a few minutes. We invited him to church, and he said he'd try to make it. He didn't end up coming, but he was still very sweet.
Friday WAS THE MOST INSANE DAY EVER IN THE HISTORY OF MY MISSION. So we went to be interviewed by President and first Sister Graves went in there and then we went in there together and then President sent Sister Graves away. Our interview was going so well and President and I were just yukking it up ya know. But then he decided to really shake things up and went, "Well, since I've got you here I'll just save myself a phone call."
And I went. "...Okay." And my stomach dropped. Because I remembered that transfers are on Wednesday, and leadership calls are to be made in the morning on Friday.
And then President goes, "I want you to be a trainer."
Long, awkward pause.
"...Will you do that for me?"
Me: "Yes." (no hesitation. Proud of myself for that timely recovery.)
And then the rest of the conversation was basically President being like, "I don't know which of the newbies you're getting, but we have great faith and confidence in you" and stuff like that. So obviously I made Sister Graves come to the bathroom with me afterward and was like "SO I AM TRAINING AND YOU ARE LEAVING" and we had a lil cry fest in the bathroom and it was chill.
So, yeah. I'm getting a greenie on Wednesday! I am HAVING A BABY. Which is hilarious, because so is one of our investigators AND my sister-in-law. (HEY SISTER HANSEN AND SISTER GOETTSCHE YOU'RE HAVIN A GRANDBABY)
I am excited! and nervous! But mainly excited! I feel grateful that the Lord trusts me. I had a moment this week when I was praying and felt very sure that I really am doing all I can to be obedient and overcome my weaknesses. I know that this is just the Lord refining me and making me the person I need to be -- for right now as a missionary, and later as a wife and mother. I'm grateful He loves me enough to let me do hard things! And I am so excited to be around mainly really green missionaries (because half the elders are babies as well). They are just so hopeful and optimistic and on fire with the Spirit. I also feel strongly that my sister will be a very powerful missionary and will change many lives. So I'm pumped about that.
So the rest of the day was a whirlwind of emotions. Sister Graves began saying goodbye to everyone and stuff at the ward activity (trunk or treat) that night. D, P and our YSA investigator T and his less active buddy G came! It was lots of fun -- kinda hard to balance all those people who needed our attention, but the ward was very helpful for D & P and the elders did a great job with G & T. It was wonderful.
The next day we went over to G's house (who is a recent convert). She fed us lunch and we played with her kids. G is actually their grandma and she's their legal guardian and raising them. Those kids just soaked up the love we showed them. The youngest one, K, is so sweet.  Since we aren't allowed to hold him, we just play peekaboo and stuff. He came over to our side of his play pen where I was kneeling and just leaned his head against my hand and breathed in like he was sighing a little bit. I learned a lot and felt a lot in that experience. After that, the elders had a baptism! So the fun thing about this district is that it usually comprises us (sisters), the B S elders (who are the zone leaders), and two other sets of elders...who all speak Spanish. Each companionship covers half the Greenville East stake. However, we lost a Spanish elder because he went home last transfer, and there was nobody to finish training the elder that elder started training, so they combined both areas and had them covering the entire stake together. They were in a 3 pack. And they are the greatest. THEY ARE THE GREATEST. THEY ARE THE GREATEST. I don't know if I can emphasize that any more. But anyway, this particular baptism was of the Spanish variety. So the entire thing was in Spanish. Also, they asked me to play the piano for the baptism and that was an interesting experience. We sang Llamado a servir and Soy un hijo de Dios which was fun. Elder C (the awkward 3rd wheel) translated for Sister Graves and I just didn't even listen because translators are for the weak. I understood most of the entire baptism -- talks and everything. And it was awesome. I LOVED IT. The Spirit was like, a bajillion. That doesn't even make sense. I don't care that it doesn't make sense. That's how I felt. A bajillion Spirit. Yep. Also after that we went to the R home to help her paint and then went out with the Rs. We went to visit a less active named K. She has the cutest daughter. I will send a picture.
Yesterday in church they called a new ward mission leader! It's Brother R! So we finally have one! Hoorah! Also they announced over the pulpit that Sister Graves was leaving and the S family (who is the greatest) offered to have us over to their house because they were hosting a drop-in for their son who just got back from Brazil and so Sister Graves got to say goodbye to a lot of the ward before she left. That was inspired. Also the Ss (our ward elders quorum president) had us over to talk about their conversion story and feed us. Also, did we mention that we can eat with members again??? Heck yeah. We also said goodbye to J & K last night. J was sad. He filmed us singing together :)
Our subject line this week came from when we were reading from the Book of Mormon and decided to just randomly open up to a page and that was going to be exactly what we needed to hear. Sister Graves got a verse that said basically the wicked will be chastened and humbled and she was like....okay.... and mine talked about when Nephi and Lehi baptized 8000 Lamanites. So. Basically. Time to baptize 8000 people. Better get on that.
You guys. The church is true. Promise. Ask God.
Don't let the muggles get you down!
All my love,
Sister Mama Bear Pew
Sister Graves

Sister Pew's feet

Sister Pew and friend's child

Dinner with an awesome member family in their area

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Week 44 - "It wasn't the worst."

Hi everyone!
Last week was a crazy week! But a good week! But a hard week! And I shall tell you all about it!
Monday! We ran out of gas on the highway, bought some Ben & Jerry's, and had dinner with the Rs. They got me barbecue chicken pizza and cheesecake, mainly because they're the best ever in the whole world. I love that family. SO cute. There will be pictures of the festivities. And then we went to see our investigators. They are progressing! Which is so great! They gave us tiny pumpkin pies and I survived their house even though they have a lot of cats that I'm super allergic to. After that we went to ward coordination at the As and they surprised me with a cake. Basically they are the cutest family ever and represent all the goals for my future because THEY ARE SO CUTE. <3
Tuesday we went to DDM and had the leftover birthday cake. The elders' ward mission leader came and talked to us and gave us some ideas for uniting members and missionaries. After that, we went to see Dr. B who is a chiropractor and a member of the ward. He specializes in upper cervical adjustments, so the top two bones of the spine. When they're out of line it can affect your brain and stuff. So he uh, like, fixed that or something. I don't really feel that much different. But I guess it is still good to do. After that, we went to the rest home by ourselves because the elders had to conduct a baptismal interview. It was less fun than it normally is because usually the elders are the comic relief. But it was still good and I'm still glad we went because those people clearly need some big help.
Wednesday we had a day of finding. Sister H, the RS president, and her daughter came out with us. It was fun! Sister H is super hilarious so it was awesome. She was great for the people we visited. We also had Book of Mormon class that night, which Sister Graves taught all by herself and it was so good! I was so proud :) And we had meant to give the zone leaders the rest of the leftover birthday cake that night but the problem is we left it in the kitchen during young mens so long story short it was all gone by the time we went to go get it for them. So that was really sad and we are now going to have to make a pumpkin pie for them because we feel bad. LOL not really, but we are going to make them pumpkin pie because they are AWESOME and they deserve it. (Another side note -- anyone know a good pumpkin pie recipe? Good being a relative term, because pumpkin pie is nasty.) Also, that day I practiced my special musical number with Sister S. It was really fun. (Sorry, no recording this time, but everyone said it was really good. I did Abide With Me. Also, Brother F's dad is dying and he asked me if I would sing it at his funeral. So, maybe I'll get it recorded some other time.)
Thursday we went and demolished Brother Ws deck. It was tons of fun! We had a blast. Brother Ws is ex-military and pretty much my favorite redneck ever. 
Birthday dress

Sweet note members left her

Cute plates they ate her birthday pizza

Mini pumpkin pie

A birthday cake a family made her for her birthday

Gnome look
After that we went to L to see K, who is the Bob Jones graduate, and help her clean up a bunch of stuff from the baby shower they just had. The problem is, they have 4 cats and I AM SO ALLERGIC TO ALL OF THEM AND I DIDN'T KNOW SO I DIDN'T TAKE ANYTHING so the rest of the day was a struggle and I suffered. That night we met a new potential investigator. Hopefully we get to see him again soon.
Friday we were just kind of all over the place. I don't really remember lots of what happened. I do remember we saw this less active who is easily the cutest human on the planet Earth. He is so adorable. Seriously. I love that guy. He's like, this big angry-looking fellow with a beard but he talks like a gentle Sasquatch. Really that's the only way I can describe his voice. And he might be Canadian? I don't remember... but he has a cute lil accent and he's just super nice. Like, so nice you're like, "Are people actually this nice?" And it never even crosses the creepy line, because he's just...the nicest person. Ever. Literally. So nice. We also tried to plan for the coming week but that went horribly because we ran out of time.
Saturday we went to a huge stake RS event called the humanitarian fair. Basically what it was was all the RS sisters in the stake came to the stake center. When we got there, there were a bunch of signup sheets for activities we could do, both at the stake center and out in the community, until 12:30. I was semi-dying because of the Thursday cat incident still, which made it really difficult when they asked us to go sing at a nursing home. But it was still fun and singing for old people is really actually becoming my passion in life because I do it ALL THE TIME. (There are like, an astonishing amount of old people in South Carolina.) Then we went home and tried to weekly plan again but again ran out of time. And then we went to a lesson. We haven't passed him off to YSA yet, but it's coming. We even warned him. Also we read the Book of Mormon with them. G has been reading. T finds it a little more difficult because the language isn't what he's used to at all. But it's still good.
Yesterday I sang in church! Again, sorry. No recording. But it was pretty good, I think. They have already asked me to do a musical number for a missionary fireside the 14th of November so I guess they all were pleased. The subject of this email was what Brother A said to me after all of everyone else told me I did good. It was just really funny. He is a funny guy.
Well, that is about it for this week. I had a couple hard days, and then I realized I was complicating everything. So don't do that and just live the dang gospel! (maybe minus the dang part because that's a lil bit irreverent...)
I love my life! I love being a missionary! I love being 20! (so far!)
Don't let the muggles get you down!
All my love,
Sister Pew