Friday, July 14, 2017

Week 29-God Bless the newest Mormon

Hello loved ones!
In answer to the many inquiries, I am doing good health-wise. There were no more significant incidents that happened. So that's good. #prayerworks
Last Monday we played soccer and basketball! It was fun but really hot. Then we had a lesson and follow-up interview with R, who was super pumped to be baptized. She is my favorite person.
Tuesday was America Day. If you've ever been to a very redneck part of the world, you know that Independence Day is a ridiculously big deal. As in, people are STILL shooting off fireworks. (Rednecks also like to blow stuff up.) So, we proselyted until 6 pm and got to see C again! It was actually really cool because we went over there and she BEGGED us to teach her (which was heartbreakingly cute) and then her grouchy looking great-grandma came out and said we couldn't. But then Sister Haws just started talking to her. As we took an interest in her, she totally softened right up. Her name is F and she said we could come back! So that's awesome and we're totally going to do that tomorrow. Anyways, after 6 we had to be back in our apartment for lock-down, so we ordered the elders a pizza anonymously (they totally knew it was from us, but it was still REALLY funny) and read "More Than the Tattooed Mormon" which R lent to us. Then the mission nurse called me and we had a conversation that caused me unnecessary panic because she asked me if all my pain was gone and made it sound like I'd probably need an operation, so here I am thinking, "HOLY COW I MIGHT HAVE TO GO HOME SKJDBSJDYFUSYGEBURBSE" and that was not okay.
So the next morning we headed back to the emergency room to get the results from the CT scan and send them to the mission doctor. After he had a look at those, he told me that I actually don't need to get surgery, I just need to take some pills. Which I have been doing. That was a relief, because I love being a missionary. After this whole ordeal, U came and took us out to lunch at Burger King, where she enjoyed watching this really awkward lady spill all over herself. That night we taught the S family and got to know them better.
Thursday we went to Mepkin and Heidi (Sister Haws) got to drive the Gator. We weeded some flowerbeds. We also did the family history booth and this time we brought a soccer ball to try and draw more interest. We did talk to more people. We have lots of cool ideas. Do you? Anyone got any thoughts on how to get people interested in family history? PLEASE let me know what ya think. Then we had Book of Mormon class and R didn't show up and we were like NOOOOOOOOOOOOO what the heck!?!?!?! and so we called her. All was well, but it was still scary. 
Friday we had Zone Conference! Y'all, President Innes is so freakin' funny. I am so excited that he's the mission president. He and his wife took a lot of time to see how I was doing and it was really nice but it was even better what he said his focus is going to be when he addressed us. He said his priorities are 1) the Lord, 2) His family, and 3) our conversion. He told us he is here to invite us to come unto Christ. His job is not to make missionaries out of us; we're already missionaries. His job is to make disciples of us. Gosh, he's just so cool. Also he might let the members start feeding us again, which would be very bad for my waistline. That night we taught S, and her little boy is so cute! We put her on date for August 4th! She swanned on by without even freaking out. It was so awesome! She is the cutest. Also, I got the package that Granny sent, so thank you so much to my lovely Granny Davis because that was the most helpful package I have ever received. Particularly the dress. That is the perfect dress for missionaries in the South. (Pictures attached:))
Saturday was the BAPTISM WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO. R got baptized, y'all! She was so excited to be a "Mormon". I sang for her. Bishop baptized her. She said she felt lighter, like she did the right thing! AND her nonmember friends and husband showed up! It was so fun! There were lots of people in the ward who were there to support her. This ward is the best ever. I'll be sending lots of pictures of the baptism, do not worry.Yesterday,  S came to church with her member boyfriend for all 3 hours, and R received the gift of  the Holy Ghost! It was just a beautiful day! Y'all, the church is true and God loves us all so much. We taught Gospel Principles on sacrifice and it was a good topic to study if anyone wants to do that.
Also, guess who went fishin' today and caught 4 fish?
I love y'all!
Don't let the muggles get you down!
-Sister Pew
R's baptism, with a friend

R's baptism, with her husband


Sister Haws ready to fish
 R's baptism, with Sister Haws and Sister Pew
Sister Pew cool fisherwoman

Both sisters caught fish!

Wearing mens boots 

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